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I am a business coach helping others start their business, grow on social media, and get that freedom lifestyle!



My name is Sine Ranch. I’m born and raised in small (and a bit rainy and cold) but great Denmark in Scandinavia, which means that there is some real Viking blood running through these veins of mine. I just made myself sound a lot cooler there, right? Fun aside. Growing up, I was never a big traveler. Being younger I was quite shy and not very outgoing. I didn’t like to meet new people, or at least I didn’t dare to! I was a late bloomer and I knew I had to start pushing my boundaries and get out of my comfort zone to evolve and be a more confident me.


I took my first real trip overseas with a good friend right after high school. I had no real travel experience, and I remember how nervous I was when saying goodbye to my family at the airport. I was shaking nervously all over my body, and I was as pale as if I had seen a ghost. I remember that day as being one of the most terrifying moments ever! I was literally afraid that I was never going to see my family again. We went backpacking in the United States and Mexico for around 4 months, and that trip changed my life, and later my way of living. From that moment, I was hooked! All I wanted was to explore more of the world. So that’s what I did. It opened my eyes to travel and all the opportunities that come with it. Traveling matured me as a person taught me to be more outgoing and made me a more confident person. 

After my first backpacker trip, I wasn’t home for long. I ended up traveling for almost 3 years straight and I have been unstoppable ever since. I live and breathe for traveling and I can’t imagine a life without it anymore.

I’ve traveled to many different places and thrown myself into so many different adventures already.


To me, travel is much more than a great adventure, and being able to tell great stories. To me, it’s about getting out of my comfort zone, immerse myself, and try new things. I feel travel is a way to learn more about yourself and the world we live in. It’s school of life and I attend to keep educating myself for the rest of my life.

(PC: Phil Schlieder)


GreatWanderlust is a blog where I can share my everyday life on the Islands of Hawaii. It is furthermore a place where I can share all my travel experiences and tips for you to get some travel inspiration. I wanted my blog to be available to as many readers as possible, which is why I have decided to write in English even though my mother language is Danish.


Doing my bachelor’s in Denmark I was so fortunate to be able to do a semester somewhere else, and if you know me just a little bit I’ll grab any opportunity I can to travel, so of course, this was something I wanted to do. I ended up taking a semester in Hawaii, and I absolutely fell in love with the aloha spirit. When I came back home I had serious post-travel depression. Well, to be honest, I do tend to fall into this depressing state more or less every time I return from somewhere, haha, but this time was different. After a lot of hair-tearing and contemplating I decided to go back and do my whole master’s degree here in Hawaii. So my answer to why? Because why not get an education while living in paradise?

A hui hou