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Greatwanderlust is a Hawaii-based blog that passionately and honestly writes about lifestyle and travel.

I’m excited to collaborate with brands that identify with Greatwanderlust blog’s message, esthetics, and not least community.

Greatwanderlust offers a variety of affordable services for marketing your brand including, but not limited to Social Promotion / Sponsored Post / Product Review / Giveaways / Guest Blogging / Event Hosting / Brand Ambassador / Media Trips / Photography Packages

For a copy of my press kit and to figure out how we can work together to create some great content, please reach out to me by email:

Do you need help with your social media?

Apart from Greatwanderlust, I am also the head and heart behind the Digital Marketing Agency Imi Loa Creatives.

I specialize in social media strategy, social media management, content creation, and social media advertising. I develop original strategies and content that will complement your brand’s vision and goals and help your brand stand out on social media. I do all the work while you lean back and focus on other important aspects of your business.

For more info visit Imi Loa Creatives webpage HERE or reach out to me by email: