Crouching Lion Hike, Oahu, Hawaii

Crouching Lion is a very popular hike on Oahu. It is one of those hikes where people go and get that Instagram worthy snapshot, and it is not for any reason. The hike offers some amazing views over the ocean and Kahana Bay with lush green surroundings and spine-tingling drop-offs. 

It is a fairly short hike and won’t take much longer than 25-45 minutes depending on ones physic. The hike will without a doubt work up a sweat as the hike have a continuously steep incline. You will have to climb over some gnarled tree roots, and duck under a few big branches on your way up to the top. 

The hike has some slippery parts due to the incline and dry crumbling dirt. In my opinion this is mostly a problem going down. It helps to grab on to nearby tree roots and branches. Good hiking shoes with a good grip is also a big help. If anything, there is no shame in being on your hands and knees scrambling up or down. Better safe than sorry, right?

I’ve visited the hike on both sunny and cloudy days. The hike never disappoints. It always looks amazing. The view from the top is seriously one of my favorite landscapes on the entire island of Oahu. 

Note: The hike is a closed hike so please respect the land when you go there. Don’t leave a trace. Hike out what you hike in.

How to get there & Where to park

The trail is right between Kahana State park and Ka’a’awa. The trailhead is located right where you see a ‘Do Not Pass’ sign (You little sneak). It is hard to see where the trail start and you will kind of have to head straight into the bushes before you can see actual markings of a trail.

You can park on the southeast side of Kahana Bay, across the road from the trailhead. Park at own risk and don’t leave any valuables in the car. Make sure to not park on Trout Farm Rd.

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