Makapu’u View Point

My first week

I can’t believe it. After a long 29-hour plane ride, I have finally made it to Hawaii! I have now been living here one week, and can I just say WOW. I’ve gone through so many emotional states already. It’s been very unreal for me to be here again after 3,5 years.

I honestly didn’t do much my first week as boring as it may sound. I struggled a bit with some jet lag the first couple of days and a lot of thoughts were going through my mind. Questions like: Was this the right decision? Did I make a mistake moving away? It is normal to have these thoughts but normally they come later on when you start to feel homesick, but for some reason I was hit by it the first week. I wasn’t really myself for quite a while before I came here. I was not in a good place back in Denmark and I pulled back a little from everyone. I had to reevaluate my present and my future. I had to figure out what I wanted to do with my life and I felt stuck where I was. I have never been good at making choices and I felt I was in between a lot of big decisions, which I had a hard time handling. However, I was trying to work through all of this my first week. I used the time to work on me, to get settled in and to be comfortable with my new life before school starts at Hawaii Pacifc University. 

I still have some free time before the semester starts, but there are some practical things that I need to get sorted before. For example, if you are staying more than six months on Hawaii you need to take a tuberculosis test at a local hospital. I did this at home already, but unfortunately it wasn’t valid, which meant that I had to do it twice in two weeks and let me just say: I am no fan of needles. Yikes!

Makapu’u View point 

One of my favorite things about Hawaii last time I was here was that life is lived outdoor. Hiking is a big thing here, and I completely fell in love with it. Unfortunately, my first week has been so busy that there haven’t been much time for fun hikes. I did do one though, which had some pretty incredible views. Me, and my new danish Friend Simone decided to do the Makapu’u Tom Tom trail on the east side of the island. The hike has spectacular views of the beach and ocean from some perilously steep cliffs, which makes some pretty cool photo opps.

The first 15-20 minutes of the trail is a lot of up-hill climbing and it did feel pretty exhausting in the heat. However, after those first painful moments up-hill, you are for the rest of the trail walking along the edge of the cliff and having the most fantastic costal views. From the top you can see the Makapu’u lighthouse and some of the animals down in Sea Life Park.

If you keep on going you will reach reach a set of rock formations where you will find the Tom Tom Puka. Unfortunately, we did end up going back down  since we both was a bit confused about what direction to go from here and both already felt a bit tired out from the sun. Therefore, I will have to do my research a bit better and do this hike again and finish what I set out to see!

Hawaiian Ocean

How to get there

The hike starts from Makapu’u lookout parking lot. Cross the street and head up the hill while you follow the fence. On your way up there will be a few signs saying “No hiking”, but you just need to ignore them and keep hiking up.

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