The goodbye

Today is the day. The day I am going to Hawaii. The day I am leaving my family. The day I am leaving my friends and the day I am leaving my old life behind. I can’t explain how it feels. I am excited for what is to come, but I am also in pain for what I am leaving behind.

I have traveled a lot solo and I’ve had the same question being asked a billion times “Don’t you have any friends since you are traveling alone?”. A lot of people tend to think so, but I just love traveling by myself. I love the freedom. The truth is, I have the best people around me. I have the most loving and supporting family and friends that I could ever wish for. I am so thankful for having them in my life and today I am leaving them all behind. Of course, it isn’t that black and white. I will still have my family and my friends. We will just be further apart. My family and friends are very supportive about my decision about moving abroad even though they would rather see me staying.

I already said goodbye to my family today. I didn’t let them see it, but as soon as I turned my back on them tears were falling down my cheeks. Later the same day I met up with some of my friends. We had a last dinner together before I went to the airport. I was an emotional wreck inside, but since I don’t like to express myself with tears I did whatever I could to hide it. To be honest, the last few days before leaving has been an emotional roller coaster. I am honestly looking forward to get on the airplane and be on the way. I will never be good at goodbyes and I kind of want it over with. It hurts. Hawaii is waiting though and I’ve been dreaming about this moment for so long. I can’t believe that I am actually doing it! It is with mixed feelings that I’ll now say Aloha, which means goodbye, hello and I love you all at once. 


Ohana – Aloha au iā ‘oe

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