Waimanalo Sunflower Field on Oahu

Twice a year, The small neighboorhood farm Waimanalo Country Farms let visitors come and enjoy their beautiful sunflower field on the east side of Oahu. The farm is beautifully located with the Ko’olau Mountains and Waimanalo Bay as a backdrop. If you are visiting Oahu and the flowers are blooming make sure to visit Waimanalo County Farms. It is definitely worth a visit! Enjoy this full guide to Waimanalo Sunflower Field on Oahu


The sunflowers typically bloom throughout summer and fall. Unfortunately, the sunflowers only bloom a certain number of days and it is, therefore, important to check up on daily updates on their Instagram or Facebook Page to see if they are open. You can check the updates HERE. Usually, the sunflowers will bloom around mid-July in the summer and around October/November in the fall.

Doing fall, Waimanalo Country Farms will also a really cute pumpkin patch you can visit. They also do Rustic Fall Night, which is pretty amazing. If you visit Oahu around Halloween don’t miss out on this experience!


Apart from the pretty sunflower field, there are a ton of other activities for kids and grown-ups to do at the farms. My favorite thing (apart from the actual sunflowers) is their small petting zoo. They have cute lamas, goats, geese, horses and a donkey you can pet. They also have a small train that drives around the farm as well as games and face painting for the kids.

When you visit make sure to try out their oh-so-yummy-and-delicious mason jar full of Nalo lemonade! I had their Strawberry lemonade last time I visited, and it was so good! It has the right mix of sweet and sour and it is so refreshing on a hot summer day here in Hawaii.

Hungry? Don’t worry! There is also a small area for food as well. They serve all sorts of food options such as chili and rice, hot dogs, corn chowder, cornbread, steak plate, hamburger and so on.


It is impossible to visit the Waimanalo Country farm without taking a few stellar pictures of the sunflowers. Since the sunflower fields are located between the Ko’olau Mountains and Waimanalo Bay, it is without a doubt one of the most picturesque places on Oahu.

Waimanalo Country Farms encourages you to take photos at their farm. They have even set up various photo props around the general area. One of their really cool props is the charming old school VW bug.

If you plan on doing a professional photo shoot at the farm be aware that you will need to reserve a time slot for this, as it is not fair to the general public if someone takes up too much time.


There are free Parking at Waimanalo Country Farms. The entry is usually $3 for adults and kids get in for free. Some of the activities might cost a small amount of money, but nothing crazy! Sunflowers are available for purchase and cost $3 per sunflower.


41-225 Lupe St. — Waimanalo, HI 

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