Wiliwilinui Trail on Oahu, Hawaii

Post in collaboration with STRONGER Sweden & Photos in collaboration with Phil Schlieder

The Wiliwilinui Trail on Oahu is a beautiful hike you should not miss out on. It is a safe and fairly easy hike, but you will still be rewarded with amazing views (or dramatic cloud landscape).

I have been collaborating with Stronger Sweden. I choose to wear their workout clothes for the first time doing the Wiliwilinui Trail. I thought I would put it to the real test straight away and I will say I loved it! Stronger is a Swedish brand that designs beautiful workout clothes for women. They aim to inspire women to live a healthier life and be strong inside and outside. What I really love about their brand is that they find inspiration from the nature. I got so many compliments and I loved how it looked on photos. Their workout clothes are also extremely comfy and easy to breathe in. Wearing this set definitely made me feel a little more badass than usually! Check them out HERE

The Wililinui Trail

Wiliwilinui is a 4.5 mile out and back trail. To access the trail you need to go trough a gated community. We mistakenly thought we were doing something wrong when we ended up at the gate and decided to lie about our little hiking mission. Instead, we came up with an excuse to visit a friend in the neighborhood. The guard didn’t buy our story and we decided to come clean and told him we were doing the Wiliwilinui Trail. He laughed, smiled and gave us a pass for the limited parking near the trailhead. Ups! Lesson learned? Be honest kids!

With that being said, since the hike is in a gated community the parking is limited and you are only allowed to park in the designated area for the Wiliwilinui Hiking Trail. I can therefore recommend going early to make sure you’ll get a parking spot. Also remember to be respectful to the people living there.

Once parked it was easy to find the trailhead. The first part of the hike is easy and well maintained. You’ll be walking up a wide road. You’ll be surrounded by trees along the hike, but once in a while you’ll be able to enjoy some quite amazing peek-a-boo views as a teaser for what to come.

The Stairs

After a while you’ll reach some stairs and this is where the workout begins. There are quite a few along the way. The stairs do make the hike, so much more accessible. Along the way there are a few places where there are no stairs and where you will need to use rob for assistance that have been set up by previous hikers.

The Summit

After you have conquered all the stairs you will reach a utility tower. From here is is just one last hill before you will reach the summit. The overlook is a small clearing when a lone bench waiting for you to take a breather and enjoy the views! From the top you will have a great view of the Koolau Mountains. You will be able to see Lanikai and Kailua as well as Waikiki and Diamond Head in the distance.

Eerie clouds

When we started the hike it was sunny and we had great views. Along the trail the weather started to change and before we knew we were enveloped in clouds. We weren’t able to see anything through them and the great views was not gonna wait for another day! I hike didn’t disappoint for this reason! I tend to love the eerie vibe clouds create up in the mountains and I think it made up for some pretty cool photos. What do you think?

How to get there?

The hike is located at the end of Okoa St. You will have to dive through a guarded community and pass a guard shack to obtain a parking pass. If there isn’t enough parking you’ll have to walk from outside the guarded area, which will make the hike quite longer. Try therefore to go early if possible. If you can’t get parking I guess you’ll just have to enjoy the extra workout? 😉

For my GPS: 2390 Okoa St, Honolulu, Oahu, HI 96821-2640

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